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Night Guards
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Image of a night guard at Kurt A. Gibson, DDS in Winston-Salem, NCNight mouth guards are commonly used by people with teeth grinding problems. Teeth grinding is mainly a result of sleep apnea. People who suffer teeth grinding can easily injure themselves in the mouth while sleeping. Here at Gibson & Bartholomew Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry, we offer tailor-made night mouth guard solutions for people with such challenges.

Grinding teeth, otherwise known as bruxism, will wear down your teeth and damage the tooth enamel if left untreated. There is some controversy about the effectiveness of night mouth guards in preventing oral injuries among people who grind their teeth. Some professionals argue that night mouth guards treat the symptoms of teeth grinding instead of treating the cause. The trick is to ensure you get the right mouth guard. Doing so will go a long way in reducing the risks of injuring yourself.

Pharmacy Mouth Guards

You can visit the pharmacy and buy some mouth guards over the counter. These mouth guards are usually pre-formed. You just have to fix them on when you go to sleep. Pre-formed mouth guards have a fitting challenge though. It might be difficult to find a mouth guard that fits perfectly. The mouth guard cannot protect you properly if it does not fit well.

It is dangerous to have a mouth guard that does not hold on to your teeth firmly. It can come off at night and choke you. You can opt to go for boil and bite mouth guards. These mouth guards are made of a material that softens when you boil it. Once the mouth guard is soft, you bite into it. It will perfectly take the shape of your teeth and hold on firmly.

Custom-Made Mouth Guards

These are usually the best solution to teeth grinding. An impression of your teeth structure is obtained, and a custom mouth guard is made for you. Custom-made mouth guards fit well and feel quite comfortable. It is able to shift the jaw into proper alignment, which can alleviate jaw tension, or other symptoms of temporomandibular joint syndrome.They are less likely to fall off your mouth.

Custom mouth guards are quite durable as well. They will last for quite a while if taken care of properly. You may have to pay a little bit more for them as compared to over the counter mouth guards, however.

NTI Mouth Guards

A nociceptive trigeminal inhibition splint (NTI) is a small mouth guard that is fitted to cover the front part of your teeth only. This mouth guard is designed to prevent the front teeth from meeting. This relieves pressure from the rest of the jaw thus preventing grinding.

The challenge with NTIs is the risk of misaligned teeth. Prolonged use of NTIs will cause the front teeth to become misaligned. People prefer using an NTI to avoid the unnatural feeling of wearing full night mouth guards. Full night mouth guards offer more protection than the NTIs, however.

Learn More About Mouth Guards

If you have teeth grinding problems, it is important that you wear nighttime mouth guard. You do not want your teeth to weaken. Teeth repair or replacement is always a costly affair, and the new teeth never really work like your natural teeth. Call Gibson & Bartholomew Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry at (336) 283-2593 if you need any assistance with night mouth guards. We will take care of all your oral health needs.

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